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    Google Maps allows consumers to write reviews for places they've visited. These reviews and opinions are voluntary. Google doesn’t pay reviewers for adding them to Google Maps.
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    Yellow Pages local search connects you with over 19 million local businesses. Find people and find the right business and get thin
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    City Search
    Citysearch is an online city guide that provides information about businesses in cities throughout the United States. Visitors to each of Citysearch’s local city guides will find contact information, maps, driving directions, editorial, and user reviews for the businesses listed.
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    Merchant Circle
    MerchantCircle aims to connect customers with deals, advice and price quotes from local small businesses. It ranks the listings from highest rated and most frequently reviewed, working its way down.
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    Manta Reviews
    Manta is a small business directory that helps local American businesses connect with consumers and each other. One of the features is allowing customers to leave reviews for a small business.
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Customer Reviews

  • Frank Carson
    MacDonald's Carpet's prices keep me competitive. They give me the pricing I need to compete in the business I am in. It is extremely important to have the low pricing they offer. Their products are top quality. They have well designed, beautiful sample booklets and quick response to ge me products for my clients. They make me feel comfortable and that my business is important. Their service is very personalized and they bend over backwards to accommodate me, especially when I am in a jam and need something quickly.